[r90] One Vote. One Choice. (2/28/2008)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Start Date: 2/28/2008 All Day
End Date: 2/28/2008

It is very frustrating to watch politicians play games with your future.  I have witnessed over the past two weeks a series of political maneuvers by politicians who have more interest in making headlines than in lessening the burden of government on your lives.

As you know, Governor Daniels proposed a visionary plan for immediate and permanent property tax relief for all homeowners in Indiana.  He also proposed constitutional caps on government spending.  As soon as the proposal was discussed in committee, however, the games began.

It seems that some people want government spending to continue to grow, out of control, so that special interests can profit.  I reject any argument that suggests government should be allowed to grow faster than your ability to afford the tax burden.

I have acted directly to focus the debate on government spending at all levels.  I authored HRJ4, a constitutional amendment that would cap government growth at the rate of personal income growth.  It's pretty simple.  Average household income is growing at a 3% rate while government spending, on average is growing at 8%.  This cannot continue.

I am a member of the minority caucus (Republican).  As such, I cannot control the flow of legislation.  I can simply add my voice to the chorus demanding tax reform.

I have only one vote.  I have only one choice.  I choose to use my singular vote to support Governor Daniels' plan for immediate and permanent property tax relief.

The Governor needs your support.  Please e-mail him at mdaniels@gov.in.gov and encourage him to stand strong in the face of the special interests and his critics.  Tell him that you will support a call for a special session of the legislature if it takes that, to give you the tax relief you deserve.

My voice and my vote will be with the Governor and his tax relief plan.  I hope you agree.  Let me know what you think.