[r90] Governor signs bills into law (5/14/2013)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Start Date: 5/14/2013 All Day
STATEHOUSE – Governor Mike Pence signed House Enrolled Act (HEA) 1386 and 1387 into law today, authored by native Representative Mike Speedy (R-Indianapolis) which deal with motor vehicle review boards and local veterans’ service officers, respectively. 

HEA 1386 creates provisions concerning unfair practices between auto dealers, manufacturers, distributors, franchisers and franchisees. This bill spells out who pays for what costs associated with inventory, signage, parts and the actual store when a manufacturer decides to close a dealership or otherwise change a brand. 

“This bill represents an agreement between car dealers and auto makers with respect to franchise relationships,” said Rep. Speedy. “The bill intends to reduce costly disputes between dealers and manufacturers without overburdening the Secretary of State.”

HEA 1387 requires that the Veterans’ Affairs Commission to establish standards for certification and accreditation of county and city service officers and administer a written exam for renewal of this designation. New service officers have one year to attend a mandatory course in order to represent veterans. 

Under current law, there is no requirement that county service officers undergo any kind of accreditation standards.  While service officers are certified by the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs, they do not receive training from a federally accredited program.    

“Although a system exists to provide our Hoosier veterans with financial benefits, the process of collecting those benefits can be a daunting task,” said Rep. Speedy.  “Hours of paperwork and the burden of dealing with government bureaucracy deter many Hoosier veterans from claiming the benefits they deserve. Through accreditation, the disabled veteran will now have someone in their county to work their case to get what they are entitled to for serving our country and becoming disabled in the process. ” 

The bill also creates the Indiana Funeral Honors Ribbon which will be awarded to all active and retired members of any veterans’ organization as defined by Indiana Code.

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