[r88] Speaker Bosma's continued effort to reduce government takes next step (8/11/2011)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Start Date: 8/11/2011 All Day
End Date: 8/11/2011

STATEHOUSE-Speaker Brian C. Bosma (R-Indianapolis), along with Chairman of the Select Committee on Government Reduction Chet Dobis (D-Merrillvile) and Vice-Chairman Dave Wolkins (R-Winona Lake), continued their efforts today as they sent a letter to all state agencies asking for further input to help reduce costs and improve efficiency in state government. 

The letter requests agencies to complete a short questionnaire in order to better understand each board and commission that falls under the jurisdiction of each agency.  The committee will then compile and discuss the information in order to locate additional opportunities to make state government more efficient.

Speaker Bosma made an unprecedented announcement last session when he introduced the establishment of the Select Committee on Government Reduction, while also appointing Rep. Dobis, a minority member, as the committee chairman.

During session, legislators worked in a bi-partisan manner to pass House Enrolled Act (HEA) 1233, which eliminated and/or combined certain boards and commissions that had either outlived their mission or could be consolidated to better serve Hoosier taxpayers.

"HEA 1233 was the first step to streamline state government by reducing unnecessary and  duplicative governmental functions and bodies," said Speaker Bosma. "The committee's work continues this interim by taking a top to bottom look at what every commission and board is charged with completing.  I suspect that many of these commissions or boards have satisfied their original purpose or their responsibilities can be carried out within the existing agency framework." 

"At a time when there has been a renewed effort to reduce the size of government and make it both more efficient and less costly to taxpayers, it is good to see that the Indiana General Assembly is taking a leading role in making the rhetoric a reality," Chairman Dobis said. "Now is the time for us to see if we can eliminate bureaucracy from the inside and get rid of duplication of services. There is a genuine bipartisan sentiment to see this task through to completion, and I am dedicated to making sure that we take substantive action."

"The goal of this committee was and is to ultimately reduce the cost of doing business in Indiana, while still meeting our comprehensive goals of protecting workers, the environment and other important state and local interests," said Vice-Chairman Wolkins.

Recipients of the letter are being asked to return the completed questionnaire by Sept. 12.