[r88] Rep. Bosma: Governor Offered What the State Needed to Hear (1/13/2009)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Start Date: 1/13/2009 All Day
End Date: 1/13/2009
STATEHOUSE (Jan. 13, 2009) - Gov. Mitch Daniels set a disciplined, logical and constructive course for Indiana in his State of the State speech Tuesday night, and that is just what Indiana needs right now.

"There were no surprises in the governor's speech, and there did not need to be," said House Republican Leader Brian C. Bosma. "The governor said what he and House Republicans have been saying: What Indiana needs right now, in these tough times, is clear thinking and common sense.

"These are difficult times, but they are also times to innovate and build a framework for an even stronger, more vibrant Indiana. Our starting points are an honestly balanced budget and passing the constitutional caps on property taxes. As the governor said, those caps were a good idea nine months ago when they passed with overwhelming support, and they are still a good idea. I repeat my call: 'Mr. Speaker, free the property tax caps!'"

Gov. Daniels did not flinch at the state of the state's economy, but he also noted that this is a time when the state can prepare for the future. He said he looks forward to working with the General Assembly to put in place the legislative platform to move Indiana into the recovery faster and bring it through the recovery stronger.

"With tough challenges come great opportunities," said Rep. Bosma. "It is our duty and intent to meet these challenges head-on. This will be achieved with a full appreciation of the economy and the stress on Hoosier families' checkbooks.

"Through Gov. Daniels' leadership and the discipline of House and Senate Republicans, Indiana is better-prepared to handle the challenges than other states. Now is not the time to panic, and I am happy to have the governor leading the state."

Everything Gov. Daniels and his Republican colleagues have worked toward the past several years has been about jobs - honestly balanced budgets, property tax reduction and reform, holding the line on taxes and working to concentrate education spending on classrooms.

"Those things make Indiana a welcoming place for jobs," Rep. Bosma said. "Our plan is to be responsible with the state's reserves and taxpayers' money and to look for ways to increase efficiency in government. We are up to the challenge and look forward to working with our bipartisan Democrat colleagues and Gov. Daniels."