[r88] I am still fighting for permanent property tax reform (1/30/2009)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Start Date: 1/30/2009 All Day
End Date: 1/30/2009

Last session, the General Assembly promised to cut property taxes now and cap them forever. We accomplished the first half of this promise, cutting the average property tax bill almost 35 percent. It's time to deliver the permanent caps as well.

House Republicans remain committed to this, and we are working to pass constitutional property tax caps so that Hoosier voters can decide next year if the caps should become part of the Indiana Constitution.

I have introduced House Joint Resolution 11, which included the same language the legislature passed in 2008. Action on HJR 11 would continue the promise we made to Hoosiers last session.

In that session, the General Assembly passed landmark property tax relief and reform legislation as well as Senate Joint Resolution 1, the proposed constitutional amendment that would cap homeowners' property taxes at 1 percent of their assessed value, rental and agricultural at 2 percent and all other property at 3 percent.

If HJR 11 passes the General Assembly in its current form this year, it will be eligible as a public question next year. HJR 11 has been assigned to the Rules and Legislative Procedures Committee, which is often an indication the bill won't be heard.

My House Republican colleagues and I have not abandoned our cause, and we will not abandon Hoosier taxpayers. We believe the taxpayers of our state deserve the opportunity to vote this year, and we are working to make that happen.

Homeowners came out winners in the 2008 legislative session, and I want to make that happen again this session.