[r88] Chamber announces Speaker Bosma with the highest score for pro-job legislation (7/8/2011)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Start Date: 7/8/2011 All Day
End Date: 7/8/2011
STATEHOUSE - The Indiana Chamber of Commerce's annual Legislative Vote Analysis ranked House Speaker Brian C. Bosma (R-Indianapolis) as having the highest pro-jobs legislation voting record out of both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Speaker Bosma scored a 98 percent, which is the highest ranking in the vote analysis performed by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. In addition he was also recognized as a legislator who demonstrated continuous leadership on specific business issues of critical importance, evidenced by the large number of pro-job House bills introduced and passed by the House Republicans.

"This session we focused on legislation that will help employers grow in Indiana, and consequently help every Hoosier with higher paying secure jobs," said Speaker Bosma. "House Republicans dedicated a large portion of our time to carefully crafting legislation that will lay the foundation for job creation in Indiana for years to come."

The Chamber's Vote Analysis is produced after every legislative session. The legislator's scores are determined by bills and select amendments' impact on the state's economy.

Some pieces of legislation included in the analysis that the Indiana Chamber highlights was: HEA 1004, which increases access to start-up capital for Indiana businesses in addition to lowering the corporate tax rate; HEA 1006, which promotes economic development locally and regionally; and HEA 1007, which allows enhanced abatement schedules and hiring incentives to encourage local job growth.

All scores and a full report can be viewed on the Indiana Chamber's web site at www.indianachamber.com/lva