[r82] Saying Goodbye (8/30/2013)

Friday, August 30, 2013

Start Date: 8/30/2013 Start Time: 8:00 AM
End Date: 8/30/2013 End Time: 8:00 AM

Some of you might remember an article that ran at the very beginning of the 2013 legislative session highlighting Representative Phyllis Pond and myself as the longest-serving Republican representative and the youngest representative respectively. 

The intro of “the tried and true alongside the fresh and new” was accurate and catchy, starting my time at the Statehouse off on a positive note. At the end of my first year in office, I find myself in the position of sharing some sad news with you, news that means change is in the winds.

Rep. Pond has announced her resignation from the Indiana House of Representatives due to health issues, ending a 35-year legacy of hard work and dedication to our community. Her history of great leadership, sage advice and solid legislation means that whoever replaces her will have some very large shoes to fill.

Rep. Pond once told me to listen more than I speak. Those are some of the best words of wisdom I ever received from another legislator. As simple as that sounds, it actually holds great weight -especially since we are elected to act as the voice of our districts. 

I look to Rep. Pond as a mentor and have always taken her counsel seriously. She has seen our state through the bad times and the good; through being in the minority and the majority – multiple times; through poor economic conditions and times of plenty. Rep. Pond helped our state go from good to great – a place we’re in today in partly because of her.

The Speaker of the House described Rep. Pond as a pillar of strength for our state. I wholeheartedly support that statement, especially when looking back over what she was able to accomplish during her tenure. From lowering class sizes to helping minority students attend law school to setting a great example for women legislators, Rep. Pond has put her mark on Indiana.

Our state was bettered through Rep. Pond’s service and I thank her sincerely for all the time and energy she poured into her work. I hope that when she reflects back on her time at the Statehouse, she remembers it fondly and knows just how much she will be missed.


Dave Ober        
State Representative District 82