[r82] Rep. Espich Returns To Statehouse (1/10/2008)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Start Date: 1/10/2008 All Day
End Date: 1/10/2008

(STATEHOUSE) Jan. 8, 2008 - Today, Rep. Jeff Espich (R-Uniondale), along with House colleagues, opened the 2008 session of the Indiana General Assembly at the Statehouse. Rep. Espich starts the session with a number of goals to improve the lives of Hoosier families.

"This session is 100% about property taxes," said Rep. Espich.  "The governor has supplied us with a great base to serve as a starting point in his cut and cap property tax plan.  My focus and time will be spent on property taxes throughout the session to ensure that reform is long lasting and permanent.  I look forward to building on this plan and making improvements, and ensuring that the work put forth this session produces significant results for Hoosiers."

During the session, Rep. Espich will sit as the ranking member on the House Ways and Means committee.

The Indiana General Assembly is a part-time legislature, meeting on a two-year cycle, three months in even-numbered years and four months in odd-numbered years.

Historically, there has not always been a short session. Until 1969, Indiana legislators met only in even-numbered years. In 1970, the legislature decided to allow short sessions during the off years to deal with important issues facing the state.

As the session moves forward, these are some important legislative dates:


JAN. 15: The last day to file bills. (House members each have a limit of five bills during this session).                


                        JAN. 31: Deadline for the House to pass bills originated in the House.


FEB. 27, 28: Deadline for both House and Senate to pass bills already approved by opposite chamber.


                        MARCH 14: Deadline for both chambers to adjourn.


Rep. Espich encourages local constituents to contact her with questions or concerns through e-mail at h82@in.gov, or by calling the Statehouse at 1-800-382-9841. It is also possible to write him at 200 W. Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46204.