[r82] Necessary change to safeguard Hoosier jobs (1/28/2013)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Start Date: 1/28/2013 All Day
End Date: 1/28/2013

I have a tremendous amount of respect for my father. Owning a small business, Ober Land Surveying, he persevered to accomplish his goal through hard work and determination. Like everything in life, there are ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ and according to my father, owning a business is no exception.

Many times, business owners are affected by administrative changes, and they must adapt and account for those variations. Although some policy changes are intended to benefit employees, sometimes unforeseen consequences can occur.

Therefore, one of my goals this session was to increase administrative consideration for understanding the effects of policy changes on private sector jobs. From this intent, I co-authored House Bill (HB) 1024.

Titled, Private Sector Impacts of Administrative Rules, this bill requires the Office of Management Budget (OMB) to include a three year employee impact statement on proposed administrative rules beginning June 30. The impact statement would have to contain what, if any, jobs would be gained or lost based on those variations.

Currently, agencies are required by law to report the economic impact of administration rules without considering the affect those changes might have on Hoosier workers. Having the OMB consider how policy changes affect jobs is not only the responsible thing to do; it limits the possibility of unforeseen consequences. This consideration also increases transparency between administrations and employers, and with this bill, we can evaluate the real world impact of a particular rule more effectively.

Also, the OMB has the ability to determine whether or not an administrative rule requires an employee impact statement. Since some policy rules have no effect on Hoosier jobs, no impact statement would be required.

This legislation hits close to home for me because it helps small business owners, like my father. Small businesses are the backbone of our state and nation’s economy. Given the fact that small businesses employ over half of our country’s workforce, the Legislature needs to consider the effects of any “jobs bills” that affect this aspect of the private sector. During times like these, ensuring Indiana is the place that employers want to do business is essential, and this piece of legislation will only strengthen our state’s current attractiveness to bring more jobs.

Ultimately, the goal is to make sure that everything possible is being done to safeguard Hoosier jobs. I know that by placing myself in my father’s shoes or the shoes of any business owner, this is something very important to them. I am confident this bill is a step forward in that direction, and if enacted, I believe it shines light on those unforeseen consequences.


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