[r82] Interest in School Safety (9/27/2013)

Friday, September 27, 2013

Start Date: 9/27/2013 Start Time: 8:00 AM
End Date: 9/27/2013 End Time: 8:00 AM
Last month, I had the privilege of bringing Noble County Commissioner Chad Kline to a School Safety Interim Study Committee meeting. It’s not every day that I have the opportunity to accompany members of our community to the Statehouse on a quest for knowledge. 

I’d like to thank Chad for his dedication to this issue and his willingness to go above and beyond to find the best policies for our schools. Keeping tabs on what is happening at the legislative level is one of the best ways to stay informed regarding issues directly affecting our schools and students.

This committee met for the second time last week to discuss school resource officers, building equipment and technology and strategies for safety training. The horrific tragedies at schools across the country have sparked discussion on the best ways to keep students safe. 

Experts in the fields of security, school safety and strategic planning came together and discussed their ideas, thoughts and opinions on the matter. Each school in Indiana – and really the country - has a different situation in regard to location, culture, atmosphere and expectation, creating the necessity of individualized research and planning.

This is an issue that must be treated with the utmost concern and thoroughness. I’m not sure that there is a “right” answer, but there is a “best fit” for each school, and I will tell you that your state legislature is determined to find it. 

As an elected official, I value the opportunity to be a part of the body keeping Hoosiers safe and making Indiana the best place possible to live, work and raise a family. Taking the time to see what happens in our state’s Legislature and participating in the statewide conversations that craft our laws helps me to truly understand how to best represent the views and interests of our community. Again, a sincere thanks goes out to Chad for his contribution to the discussion. Please feel free to share your thoughts with me as well.
State Rep. Dave Ober