[R57] Rep. Eberhart responds to Governor Pence's State of the State address (1/14/2014)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014 7:00 pm

Start Date:  1/14/2014  Start Time:  12:00 AM
End Date:  1/14/2014    
“The governor’s dedication to boosting the Indiana economy and promoting job creation is both notable and praiseworthy. Indiana has maintained a balanced budget and AAA credit-rating at a time when many states are crippled by debt. This does not mean however that Indiana’s economy needs no attention.  

“Our unemployment rate remains slightly above seven percent, and over 60 percent of Indiana’s manufacturing companies are reporting a shortage of qualified workers. Jobs must remain a top priority in Indiana for both those looking for work and those looking for workers. I applaud the governor’s commitment on this issue. Together, with Indiana’s best interests in mind, we will continue to make Indiana a better state to live and work.”


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