[r57] House Republicans Offer Solutions to Relieve Hoosier Property Owners (7/12/2007)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Start Date: 7/12/2007 All Day
End Date: 7/12/2007

(STATEHOUSE) July 12, 2007- Republican members of Indiana's House of Representatives, including Representative Sean Eberhart (R-Shelbyville), have announced a plan to assist Hoosier property owners immediately and reform Indiana's property tax system permanently.  With skyrocketing property tax bills hitting Hoosier homeowners throughout Indiana, House Republicans are proposing an action plan. 

"It is unrealistic to expect people to be able to pay such a high increase," said Eberhart.  "The increases most have or will receive this year, along with massive increases in the last four years, have made property taxes unbearable for many.  The state cannot allow it to continue."

Eberhart and other House Republicans proposed administrative measures that can be taken immediately either at the local level or the state executive level to address the property tax crisis and other measures that may be taken in the event of a special session.

"Although I have only been in the Legislature for one year, I already realize that this issue is very solvable," said Eberhart.  "It is a matter of both parties having the political will to do so.  Our current tax system is broken and quite archaic."


Deferral of Residential Tax Increases

  • Call for local government officials to allow homeowners to pay only the amount owed in 2006 or earlier, with increases paid in installments, waiving all obstacles, fees or penalties.  Call for the Department of Local Government (DLGF) to continue to vigorously analyze discrepancies in current property tax bills.  

HomesteadCredit Filing Extension

  • Call for local officials to allow those that missed the Homestead Credit filing deadline to reapply with the credit being given on their 2007 fall bill and ensuring that these taxpayers receive both the Homestead Credit and Homestead Deduction on their 2008 bill.

Immediate Reassessment in Counties Where There are Apparent Gross Discrepancies

  • Call for the Department of Local Government Finance to order immediate reassessment in counties where there are apparent gross discrepancies.

Resurrect the House Republican Local Government Reform Plan

  • Creates incentives for adoption of alternative taxes replacing property taxes dollar for dollar.  Requires referenda approval for all major construction projects.  Includes additional homestead credits for residential taxpayers.

Provide Direct Relief to Residential Taxpayers - Drop the Rebate

  • Distribute property tax relief money to counties and direct that they apply the amount of the property tax rebate to residential taxpayer bills that showed increases due this November.

Long Term

Hoosier Property Tax Relief Working Group - A nonpartisan panel of fiscal tax experts

  • Bring experts - not politicians - to the table to study various options for Indiana property taxes.  The goal of the nonpartisan panel will be to find a way to eliminate property taxes in a manner that is fair to taxpayers.

Elimination of Child Services Property Tax Levy

  • Have state government fund all child services costs instead of the current system where counties pay.

"Hoosiers want and deserve action.  I am not interested in placing blame or simply shifting taxes and levies from entity to entity every two years," said Eberhart.  "Property tax reform must be our number one priority with the goal of permanently eliminating property taxes."


Contact Information for Representative Sean Eberhart: 317-538-1141