[r55] COLUMN: Staying connected throughout session

Posted by: Zach Weismiller  | Friday, January 2, 2015

Staying connected throughout session

The holiday season has ended, and with the New Year comes a fresh start and great anticipation. Whether you resolved to eat healthier, volunteer to help others or spend more time with your family, many of us set personal goals that we hope to achieve throughout the year. For state lawmakers, this time of year is busy as we prepare for the legislative session, and similar to the New Year, we also have priorities to focus on.

Before session, I asked my constituents to tell me their thoughts or concerns about the most important issues facing Southeast Indiana. The feedback that I receive allows me to make informed decisions in the best interest of our community and state. The first day of session is Jan. 6, beginning a long process where the hard work and dedication of many Hoosiers comes to fruition. Over the course of this process, it is important that you continue contacting me with your suggestions. You can reach me at my direct line at the Statehouse, (317) 232-9815, or email at h55@iga.in.gov.

Along with contacting me directly, I hope you will take a few minutes to fill out the legislative survey you should receive in the mail. Included in the survey are questions that reflect some of the issues that may come before the legislature, and with your input, I will be able to represent you more effectively. On my website, you can also subscribe to my email newsletter which provides details on many of the issues addressed throughout session. If you would like to subscribe or fill out the survey online, please visit http://www.in.gov/legislative/house_republicans/homepages/r55/index.html.

As your voice in Indianapolis, I want to make sure you have the tools and resources you need to keep updated on what we are doing throughout session. The Legislature aims to remain as transparent as possible by live streaming standing committee hearings and session debates each day. This allows you to watch votes as they come in on the House floor and also listen to public testimony and debate in committees. Many constituents find this to be a valuable resource, since they are able to watch as legislators on both sides of the aisle debate and discuss legislation. In addition to live streaming, each legislator’s bills are made available to the public. I encourage you to visit http://iga.in.gov/ to review the bills we are addressing and to watch session and committee meetings.

This session, I hope you will stay up-to-date with what we are working on at the Statehouse and to get involved in the legislative process. As your state representative, knowing your thoughts and opinions will help me better serve you and our community. We have a lot to do this year, but I am ready to work for you and with my fellow legislators to continue advancing policies that make Indiana one of the best states to work, live and raise a family.


Rep. Ziemke (R-Batesville) represents portions of Rush, Fayette, Franklin, Ripley and Decatur counties.