[r54] Statements on Children's Home, Budget and Unemployment Insurance (4/30/2009)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Start Date: 4/30/2009 All Day
End Date: 4/30/2009

Indiana Soldiers and Sailors Children's Home

"While the budget did include one-year funding for the Indiana Soldiers and Sailors Children's Home, there was no commitment by the governor to spend the money for that purpose.  We've asked the administration for that commitment and have received no assurance that the funds will be used for the purpose of keeping the Home open.  Currently, there are 100 students on a waiting list who want to be admitted to the facility, and we've asked the administration to allow the school to admit them.  So far, there's been no response. 

"I'm convinced the governor's office is determined to close the children's home and will do so regardless of our efforts. I hope they make me a liar."


"There are 150 members of the General Assembly, but very few have input into big-ticket legislation such as the budget. 

"I could not, in good faith, support a budget that promises big tax increases down the road. Even more, the final version of the bill was not decided until the last minute, and key fiscal leaders from the Senate and the House were excluded from this process that was designed to produce good, compromised solutions."

Unemployment Insurance

"Bottom line: It was a horrible bill, and I couldn't vote for it.  It does nothing to pay back the more than $720 million in federal loans the state has taken to pay weekly benefits.  It forces the businesses that hire Hoosiers to carry the full weight of pulling us out of this mess.  At a time when we most need to support our businesses with a tax-friendly environment so they can grow and put more people to work, we've put businesses in a tough economic position, forcing many into more layoffs."