[r54] Locomotive bell procedures signed into law (4/15/2013)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Start Date: 4/15/2013 All Day

STATEHOUSE – State Representative Tom Saunders authored House Bill (HB) 1310, which provides for updates to Indiana’s current law concerning bell requirements on a locomotive, was passed on to the Governor’s desk today where it was signed into law. 

“In authoring this bill, we hope to make the necessary updates to legislation to keep our safety inspections fluid,” said Rep. Saunders. “At the request of local Hoosiers, we’ve been able to do just that.”

HB 1310 specifies that when the bell of a locomotive becomes inoperable after the daily inspection required under the Code of Federal Regulations, the locomotive may be operated until the next required daily inspection but still require a whistle.

Under current law, in the event that the bell does not work, the train must stop at every crossing and use a flagman. In the past, this has caused lengthy delays for Hoosier motorists. The bill makes technical corrections and conforming amendments. It also removes outdated language. 

“In collaborating with our local railway representatives, we’ve managed to create legislation to positively impact the people of District 54,” said Rep. Saunders. “As always, I’m continuing to push for the issues that matter to my constituents.”

To further track legislation as it moves through the General Assembly, you can log on to http://www.in.gov/legislative

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