[r54] Legislation regarding abandoned properties signed into law (5/8/2013)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Start Date: 5/8/2013 All Day
STATEHOUSE — Legislation sponsored by State Representative Dick Hamm (R-Richmond) and cosponsored by State Representative Tom Saunders (R-Lewisville) regarding abandoned properties was signed into law today by Gov. Pence.

Senate Enrolled Act (SEA) 433 establishes a method to dispose of abandoned properties. It allows county executives to relinquish these properties to a person, an abutting property owner or nonprofit organization that is able to repair and maintain them following a tax sale.

“This new law provides counties with a procedure for getting rid of abandoned properties,” said Rep. Hamm. “Instead of these blighted properties sitting vacant, they can now be properly maintained and eventually sold. This is an important bill for making our communities more attractive by removing these eyesores and increasing the surrounding value of land for property owners.”

SEA 433 also stipulates that a person with a substantial interest in the property must be given an opportunity to redeem the property prior to the transfer, protecting interested parties from government overreach.

“The economic benefits that come with this bill are important for people to realize,” said Rep. Saunders. “Giving small businesses that access to flip these homes and make use of an abandoned property will pump money back into the economy and revitalize hard-hit areas of the state.”

This bill also provides that in order to move a mobile home from one location to another, the owner of the mobile home is the only person who may obtain this required permit. 

SEA 433 is now in effect.