[r54] Hoosier business declared winners of unemployment debate (4/19/2010)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Start Date: 4/19/2010 All Day
End Date: 4/19/2010

In the final hours of the 2010 legislative session, Rep. Tom Saunders (R-Lewisville) took home a victory as he supported Senate Bill 23 to delay the unemployment insurance premium tax increase.

Legislators have debated the legislation heavily all session and were able to slowly come to an agreement before they Sine Die, or adjourned. The bill passed by a 85-12 vote.

"I am so glad the legislature was able to put aside party politics and come together to find an agreement that helps all Hoosier businesses, in passing this unemployment insurance legislation," said Rep. Saunders. "This delay will allow Hoosier businesses the opportunity to maintain jobs and the ability to grow in the future. Without it, we would have seen more and more businesses close their doors."

In 2009, House Enrolled Act (HEA) 1379 forced a $300 million tax increase on approximately 80,000 small, medium and large businesses. The legislation did not get a single House Republican vote.

SB 23 was introduced to delay the unemployment premium tax increases passed in 2009. The bill now heads to the governor desk to be signed into law.

Earlier this session, House Republicans passed another monumental piece of legislation.

Senate Bill 382 was passed to authorize, but not require, a public-private partnership to build the Illinana Expressway as a toll road. The plan calls to build the Illiana between Interstate 65 in Indiana with Interstate 57 in Illinois with about 10 miles being built in Indiana.

It is estimated that every $100 million in highway construction supports 1,200 to 1,900 construction jobs. In the end, the Illiana project would bring in $600 million and approximately 11,400 construction jobs.