[R53] Rep. Cherry reacts to State of the State address (1/14/2014)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Start Date: 1/14/2014 Start Time: 12:00 AM
End Date: 1/14/2014

STATEHOUSE — “I support the governor’s initiative to phase out the business personal property tax in order to ensure that we remain competitive and continue to attract new jobs. Since Indiana has the highest rate of personal property tax in the Midwest, its elimination will protect our state’s reputation as a leader in industry and commerce.”

“I also share Governor Pence’s goal to prepare kids for a brighter future by making preschool accessible to students from low-income families. Vouchers for older students have already extended tremendous opportunities to young Hoosiers. This additional measure will lend a hand to children at a crucial stage in their growth and learning.”