[r53] Cherry Chat: What Message Are You Sending? (3/16/2011)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Start Date: 3/16/2011 All Day
End Date: 3/16/2011
As a teen or young adult, you tend to not think too much about how your actions will affect others or what kind of message you are sending to those younger than you. However, as an adult, your view tends to change.  You think more and more about how your actions and the message you are sending. 

As an elected official, that consideration heightens even more-as it should-because you are making decisions on a regular basis that affect others. You are being looked upon by young Hoosiers and ones that aren't so young.

The Democratic walk-out we are currently facing in our state makes me think "what message are we sending?"

Monday marked the third week or 21st day that the Democrats have been staying in Urbana, Illinois-away from the Democratic process and away from their Hoosier constituents.

I have said this before and I will say it again, it has never been my place to bash the minority party simply because we don't agree on the issues. I'd rather discuss my role and my actions, than critique those that are different than mine. But today I am making an exception because enough is enough.

Everyone needs to come back to the table so we can work on something called compromise. Because right now, we are sending the message that if don't like what is going on, it is okay to not only leave the court, but also take with you the play ball.

We are teaching our youth that it is okay to walk out on your responsibility-along with telling them there is no need for problem solving and critical thinking skills.As a father and grandfather, that is the last message I want to be sending to my family and to the Hoosiers of this great state.

I hope that by the time you read this in the paper, the Democrats have returned-returned to do the people's work and to continue the democratic process.

By them not being here, they are wasting taxpayer dollars and preventing the members that are here from getting any work done. The issues they have been protesting and, in turn, bussing protestors in for, have been removed from the table; yet, they haven't returned.

I hate to label anything, but I think it is fair to say that this session has become the "session of misinformation." We have too many protestors and constituents contacting us with misinformation regarding what is being included in legislation and what our efforts are.

We have been called "radical"-saying our agenda and motives are too radical for Indiana.

What is radical about not wanting to raise taxes on already struggling Hoosier families? What is radical about wanting to provide families who want an additional educational option for their communities that currently cannot provide them?

As your elected official, representing Hancock, Shelby and Rush Counties, I am here to serve you. By doing so, I continue  my efforts in order to help bring jobs to Indiana and put people back to work , spend only within our means and provide educational opportunities for all Hoosier students.

If that is radical, I would like to see what the definition of practical is.