[r51] Legislative Session Ends with Mixed Results (4/29/2007)

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Start Date: 4/29/2007 All Day
End Date: 4/29/2007

(Statehouse) April 29, 2007- Late tonight, State Representative Dick Dodge (R-Pleasant Lake) and the Indiana General Assembly completed the 2007 legislative session. House Enrolled Act 1001, the state budget and HEA 1678, the Healthy Hoosier Plan, were sent to the Governor for approval. While the legislature sent these bills to the Governor, many legislators feel that the wasted time and inadequate progress during the session created programs that could have otherwise been improved.

Rep. Dodge believes that property tax reform is the most crucial issue affecting Hoosiers. Legislators have studied the upcoming property tax cycle and discovered that trending values, reduced replacement credits, increased local property investment, and the final stage of the inventory tax elimination will combine to negatively affect Hoosier property owners this year. Experts believe that taxes may rise up to 23% for property owners.

The Indiana General Assembly was obligated to pass a biennial state budget, House Bill 1001, during this session. Rep. Dodge has encouraged an honestly balanced budget with no tax increases, yet voted against the measure because of the lack of equitable property tax relief. While HEA 1478, a property tax bill, and the state budget included some property tax relief, neither measure provided relief even close to adequate compared to the rising property tax bills. Rep. Dodge supported HEA 1478, because it was beneficial to local government units.

"The state budget bill and the property tax bill that passed tonight each provide some property tax relief, but neither provides enough to adequately relive property tax increase," said Rep. Dodge.  "Although there was minimal relief offered, it was not the largest amount that could have been provided."

  For more information, please contact State Representative Dick Dodge at the Statehouse, 200 W. Washington St., Room 401, Indianapolis, IN 46204, 1-800-382-9841, h51@in.gov.