[r49] Rep. Culver: Hoosiers Want Opportunity to Vote on Tax Caps (1/22/2010)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Start Date: 1/22/2010 All Day
End Date: 1/22/2010

Rep. Culver: Hoosiers Want Opportunity to Vote on Tax Caps

District 49 survey reveals 77 percent want property tax caps to go to referendum 

STATEHOUSE-Rep. Wes Culver (R-Goshen) today announced that his 2010 legislative survey results showed over three quarters of respondents are looking forward to voting for permanent property tax caps this November.


"Hoosiers clearly want this opportunity. There have been some in local government that have said recently that the legislature isn't working in the best interests of Hoosiers in regard to the issue of property tax caps. That just isn't the case. The citizens of Indiana deserve predictability in their property taxes and the caps should help Hoosiers from experiencing wild fluctuations in their property tax bills."


Critics of the caps have also been very outspoken about the effect the caps will have on local units of government, specifically that the drop in revenue will cause drastic cuts to essential services.


Rep. Culver said, "The predicted percentage drop in revenue because of the caps for Elkhart County, including schools, is 3 percent in 2010, and another 1 percent in 2011."


"In hard times many, if not most, families have to make cuts to their family budgets and business budgets much greater than this. Yes, local government has a tough job to reduce costs, but it's a job I think residents want done."



In response to the property tax crisis that homeowners experienced in 2007, the Indiana General Assembly passed legislation in 2008 that capped homeowner's property taxes at one percent of assessed value, rental and agricultural property at two percent of assessed value and business property at three percent of assessed value. The bill passed with an 82-17 vote in the House and 41-6 vote in the Senate.

Many legislators pledged to add this reform to the Indiana State Constitution. In order for a new provision to be added to the state constitution, it must be passed by two separately elected General Assemblies as well as the public before it can be amended to the constitution. If the constitutional amendment to permanently cap property taxes passes both chambers of the Indiana General Assembly during the 2010 legislative session, Hoosiers will be able to vote on this issue in the November 2010 election.