[r49] Rep. Culver Comments on Discovered Local Option Income Tax Funds (4/5/2012)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Start Date: 4/5/2012
End Date: 4/5/2012

State Representative Wes Culver (R-Goshen) issued the following statement today regarding the announcement by Department of Revenue and the Office of Management and Budget:

STATEHOUSE— “Today we have been notified of an accounting error related to local option income taxes that our local units of government receive. Ultimately, this has led to Elkhart County being projected to receive $5,146,012. It now appears to be in the best interest of all Hoosiers to have an independent audit jointly selected and retained by the Administration and the State Budget Committee. An independent audit will in turn allow for the most effective and transparent way of reviewing and dealing with this newly found issue.

“Unfortunately, errors do occur, and necessary precautions are being taken to ensure that these types of incidents are managed in the future. Right now, I think it is important for audits to take place that can further examine this issue and to make sure that counties are distributed the discovered funds that they have not been receiving in the past.”