[r49] New Opportunities for Adult Students (7/15/2010)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Start Date: 7/15/2010 All Day
End Date: 7/15/2010

Dear Friends,

Recently, it was announced that a new, competency-based, online university which is targeting adult learners has begun operations in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  This school, Western Governors University (WGU), offers fully accredited bachelor's and master's degrees in over 50 different areas of study.

Thanks to our Governor, Mitch Daniels, who encouraged the idea, WGU seeks to fill a gap which remains in higher education.  This program seeks to help adults obtain the college degrees they want and need to be successful in the workplace.  WGU offers these programs at times and prices that people can afford.  One of the highlights of the programs offered by WGU is that many of WGU's classes are available online.  This education style allows adults, in particular, to learn on their own schedules while maintaining full-time jobs.  The model utilized by WGU is unique; rather than earning degrees based on credit hours, students must demonstrate competence in their area of study.

According to WGU, 200 students have already enrolled in the program.  Many of those are from northeast Indiana.  70% of the students have full-time jobs and WGU believes many of these students will attain their degrees in two and a half years.

I am so pleased to see our community embracing not only more education, but online education for non-traditional students.  The more educated our citizens, the better off our whole state will  be.  My hat's off to WGU and its new students!

If you are interested in learning more about the programs offered by WGU, you can visit its website at http://www.wgu.edu/.  You can also call my office and we will be glad to help you, too.  My office can be reached at (317) 234-3825.


Rep. Wes Culver