[r47] Rep. Price represents constituents with perfect voting record (5/31/2013)

Friday, May 31, 2013

Start Date: 5/31/2013 All Day
STATEHOUSE- State Representative John Price (R-Greenwood) completed the 2013 session with a 100 percent voting attendance record. Out of 592 votes recorded this past legislative session, Rep. Price was present and voted for each one. 

“Because I was elected by my constituents to represent them, I wanted to make sure I was giving my all while at the Statehouse and that includes casting thoughtful votes 100 percent of the time,” said Rep. Price. “I look forward to continuing to hold myself to this standard.”

During session, speaking at committee hearings, meeting with constituents and attending legislative meetings are all a part of the daily routine for a legislator at the Statehouse. These meetings will sometimes overlap with the times that the House chamber is scheduled to be in session—making it difficult for members to be present. 

Without scheduling conflicts, it is also commonplace for members to step off the House floor to meet with constituents or community leaders to further discuss important issues facing their local area. 

In addition to voting on the final passage of various pieces of legislation, legislators will also vote on committee reports, resolutions, amendments and various other motions in order to keep the legislative process going. 

Rep. Price also received a 100 percent rating from the Indiana Manufacturer’s Association.  The IMA released its scorecard for the 2013 legislative session which measures how often members of the Indiana General Assembly vote in support of positions advocated by the IMA on certain bills. 

“While this grade from the Indiana Manufacturer’s Association is incredibly humbling, I strive to cast votes that will benefit our district and the Hoosier economy,” said Rep. Price. “I am incredibly proud of all the legislation we passed this past session and look forward to their positive impacts on Indiana.”