[r47] Rep. Price pleased with outcome of 2013 session (4/29/2013)

Monday, April 29, 2013

Start Date: 4/29/2013 All Day

STATEHOUSE- The 2013 legislative session has come to a finish. State Representative John Price (R-Greenwood) is pleased to see three of his top priority bills head to the governor’s office to be signed into law: House Enrolled Act (HEA) 1186, HEA 1224 and Senate Enrolled Act (SEA) 361.

“It is hard to believe that my first session as a legislator is already over,” said Rep. Price. “It feels like just yesterday that I was at the Statehouse for Organization Day. I am proud of the work we have accomplished in both chambers; passing a balanced budget that protects taxpayers and giving back to Hoosiers.”

HEA 1186 states that the incorporation of a town may be initiated by filing a written petition with the county executive and requires that at least 10 percent of the land owners in the proposed town to sign the petition.  The city has 90 days to consent or deny the incorporation or else the city will be considered to have consented to the request.

HEA 1186 also states that if the county executive is satisfied with the petition, he or she may do one of the following
• Adopt an ordinance incorporating the town
• Deny the petition
• Adopt a resolution to hold a public referendum concerning the incorporation of the town

HEA 1224 conforms state law to current federal law in order to ensure that the wire transfer of money is a safe transaction. Due to differences in the language of state and federal law, this has not always been the case

SEA 361 ensures that intimidation now includes posting an electronic message, such as on a social networking site.  Intimidation is considered a Class D felony if a threat is communicated by an employee of a hospital, school, church or religious organization and is considered a Class C felony if the threat is committed against a judge, bailiff, prosecuting or deputy attorney.

“This session was incredibly successful and productive,” said Rep. Price. “While a lot was done, I look forward to studying some of the issues that did not get resolved the last four months over the summer in study committees. I look forward to continuing my work with constituents throughout the interim.”

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