[r47] Rep. Foley Cracks Down on Peeping Toms (4/15/2011)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Start Date: 4/15/2011 All Day
End Date: 4/15/2011
Rep. Foley Cracks Down on Peeping Toms

STATEHOUSE - State Representative Ralph Foley (R-Martinsville) is co-sponsoring Senate Bill (SB) 19.  SB 19 makes it a Class A misdemeanor for a person to peep at another individual's private area and record images by using a camera.

This legislation increases the penalty to a Class D felony if the individual committing the crime has a prior conviction or publishes the image, makes the image available online, or transmits or disseminates the image to another individual.

This bill is being introduced in response to the incident in an Indianapolis-area mall earlier this year when a man was arrested for looking up women's dresses with a sophisticated camera he had built into shoe.

"That sort of activity is criminal and the punishment should reflect that," said Rep. Foley. "People's privacy should be protected, and the individuals who commit these gross acts of voyeurism should receive the punishment they deserve.  This bill closes a loophole in our criminal laws."

SB 19 passed the House with a vote of 95 to 1. It will be sent to the governor to be signed into law.

If signed by the governor, the bill would take effect July 1, 2011.