[r47] Hoosiers One Step Closer to Improved Identity Theft Protection (4/7/2009)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Start Date: 4/7/2009 All Day
End Date: 4/7/2009
(STATEHOUSE) April 7, 2009 -The Senate passed a bill today that gives give added protection to Hoosiers who have been victims of identity theft.

House Bill 1121 passed the Senate on third reading, by a vote of 46-2. Working closely with Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller, Rep. Ralph Foley (R-Martinsville) co-authored HB 1121.

This bill would create a unit within the attorney general's office that would have the authority to investigate identity theft crimes in Indiana. The unit would assist in investigating consumer complaints related to identity theft, help identity theft victims and cooperate with law enforcement investigations of identity theft.

HB 1121 also further defines identity theft, considering the cyber-technology available today. In addition, the bill requires all database owners to contact the attorney general's office for any breach of security.

The bill also increases the penalty for identity theft against a person's child to a Class C felony.

HB 1121 also makes it a crime to use a combination of information from more than one person to create a new, fictitious identity. Currently, there is no law covering this kind of identity deception.

"We are in a data era in which synthetic and fictitious identity thefts are cyber-crimes, and we now have the potential to hurt citizens more than ever," said Rep. Foley. "It is important to meet this era's challenges with comprehensive law enforcement."