[r40] Statement from Rep. Greg Steuerwald (10/24/2007)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Start Date: 10/24/2007 All Day
End Date: 10/24/2007

"Governor Daniels' 'Cut Now, Cap Forever' plan presents a viable structure for a complete overhaul of Indiana's broken property tax system.  By removing costs currently paid by property taxpayers, including child welfare and school operating costs, we will be able to provide homeowners with much needed property tax relief.  In addition, expanding the authority of Tax Boards in each county, as opposed to the current state tax control board, will encourage local control over spending without hurting further growth in communities. 

"While there are still many details that will be debated in the coming months, I am thankful that Governor Daniels has shown leadership by presenting a property tax plan that will serve as the framework for reform.  A permanent and substantial property tax relief plan must be passed in the 2008 legislative session."