[r32] Turner, House Republican Leaders Unveil Strengthen Indiana Plan (9/15/2010)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Start Date: 9/15/2010 All Day
End Date: 9/15/2010

STATEHOUSE-Rep. Eric Turner (R-Cicero) and other House Republicans today unveiled a detailed plan to "Strengthen Indiana" during a press conference in the House Chambers.  


In 2011, the House of Representatives must craft a budget for the State of Indiana. In 2005, when House Republicans were last in the majority during a budget year, they crafted the first balanced budget in over a decade.


House Republicans highlighted four distinct ways in order to strengthen Indiana:

·         Protect Hoosier Taxpayers

·         Promote Hoosier Job Creation

·         Expand Education Opportunities

·         Stand Up to Washington D.C.


"We're not seeing much responsibility coming out of Washington, D.C. right now," said Rep. Turner. "Our goal is to pass a budget next year without increasing a single general tax on Hoosiers. They deserve nothing else, and frankly, can't afford anything else."


"Our primary objective in this session is to position our state to lead the nation in coming out of this weak economy-by creating an environment where jobs can grow quickly and naturally, without dependence on one-time government funds. With only 2 percent of the nation's population, we have experienced 9 percent of total U.S. private sector employment growth- making us one of the top two states for that this year."

Assuming that fiscal year 2011 revenues meet forecast and no other spending reductions are made, Indiana is only expected to have $188 million in the bank by the end of the biennium- enough for just five days of state spending.