[r32] Rep. Turner appointed to study Barnes v. State of Indiana (7/1/2011)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Start Date: 7/1/2011
End Date: 7/1/2011
STATEHOUSE – Rep. Eric Turner (R-Cicero) was recently appointed to serve on the Legislative Council Barnes v. State of Indiana summer subcommittee. The subcommittee met Wednesday to formally begin reviewing the Barnes vs. State of Indiana decision regarding police entry.

Rep. Turner is one of four legislative members appointed to the committee looking at the recent Supreme Court ruling in the Barnes v. State of Indiana case that, according to many legal scholars, may unintentionally erase hundreds of years of common law precedent on the topic of reasonable resistance to unlawful entry.

“I am pleased to be appointed by Speaker Bosma as one of the members on this important interim committee,” said Rep. Turner. “Many people in my district have expressed their concern with the decision of the Indiana Supreme Court regarding unlawful entry into a person’s home.

“I agree that a person’s home is his castle and law enforcement should have to be extremely cautious about entering one’s home without a warrant.”

The establishment of the subcommittee comes out of concern for the verdict’s impact and how it will shape the interpretation of our Fourth Amendment. Through this subcommittee, the case will be examined in detail and will allow the legislators who serve on the subcommittee to develop solutions to this issue and will be recommended to the General Assembly session when it begins in January of 2011. 

“This is a very important case for our state; it will be interesting to hear the testimony from the Attorney General, Law enforcement, and members of the public. We will take this information back to the Indiana General Assembly to better form a legislative response to the recent ruling,” Rep. Turner said.


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