[r32] House Passes Statewide Smoking Ban With Exemptions (1/31/2011)

Monday, January 31, 2011

Start Date: 1/31/2011 All Day
End Date: 1/31/2011
STATEHOUSE - House Bill 1018, Co-Authored by Representative Eric Turner (R-Marion) to ban smoking in public places statewide has been passed 68-31 by the Indiana House of Representatives.

The bill would prohibit smoking in public places and within 12 feet of an entrance to a public place. This includes places of employment. The Indiana Chamber of Commerce has stated its support for the bill publically and Governor Daniels has indicated he would sign the bill if it arrived on his desk.

"Support for this ban has continued to grow amongst the public. Each year we get more and more information about the risks of smoking and inhaling secondhand smoke. This bill is about protecting the public from some of those risks," said Rep. Turner. "This is a public health issue that we need to address."

Four separate amendments were passed earlier in session to exempt casinos, tobacco stores, fraternal organizations, and bars from the statewide ban.

"This bill isn't about attacking individuals who smoke, but about protecting those who don't, more specifically employees," said Rep. Turner. "I am encouraged by the positive vote in the House to make Indiana a smoke free state."

Currently 27 states have comprehensive smoking bans that do not exempt bars, including Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois.


Rep. Turner is the Speaker Pro Tempore and represents District 32 in the Indiana House of Representatives.