[r31] Mahan Messenger: Internship provides invaluable insight to state legislature (9/19/2011)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Start Date: 9/19/2011 All Day
End Date: 9/19/2011

During any kind of economy, let alone a struggling economy, obtaining a job without real-life experience can be difficult. So why not make it easier on yourself or your college student who may be entering the workforce sooner rather than later?

The Indiana House of Representatives has the perfect solution for eager college students looking for an internship that provides them with more than just something to do for a semester. The internship program we provide gives students the opportunity to learn about the legislature and state government, network with different legislators and interest groups across the state, and obtain valuable insight to the professional workforce.

I will be the first to tell you that it is a lot of work, but what interns gain from the overall experience is invaluable. This internship honestly gives students an opportunity to launch their career in a multitude of ways.

Some facts to consider: The internship is full-time, paid and lasts for the duration of the 2012 legislative session, January through mid March. It is open to any college sophomore, junior, senior or recent graduate and graduate or law school students. We accept all majors.

Each intern will be paired with a full-time staffer in one of the four House departments-member services, media, technology and policy. For a detailed description, I encourage those interested to visit my website at www.in.gov/h31. Click on "Student Opportunities" and then "Internships." We have descriptions, along with video footage of our staffers and past interns.

The different departments will do everything from working with the various media outlets, to helping constituents, to conducting research. Interns are given many important responsibilities and are relied upon heavily because workloads increase significantly during session. Interns provide much-needed support to staff and representatives alike.

This is not a 'get me a cup of coffee' or 'make me a 100 copies' kind of internship. It is a hands-on program that really speaks for itself. Many past interns have gone on to have successful careers working on staff full-time, for another state agency, lobbying firm or in the media industry. They would tell you the skills and connections they made during their days in the Statehouse laid the foundation for their current career.

The deadline for applications is October 31 and can be found online at the above website. I highly encourage you to apply, or if you know someone who might be interested to share this information with them about this incredible opportunity.