[r31] Mahan: House modifies state abortion regulations (3/30/2011)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Start Date: 3/30/2011 All Day
End Date: 3/30/2011

State Rep. Kevin Mahan (R-Hartford City) supported legislation today that dealt with physician requirements for abortions and various other abortion matters. House Bill 1210 passed with a 72-23 vote.

The bill would allow an abortion to be performed after the first trimester, but before the earlier of viability of the fetus or 20 weeks of post-fertilization age of the fetus. The bill would require physicians to determine the post-fertilization age of a fetus before performing an abortion.

A physician who performs an abortion would be required to have admitting privileges at a hospital in the county, or in a contiguous county to the county, where the abortion is performed. The physician would be required to notify the patient of the hospital location where the patient can receive follow-up care by the physician.

The physicians would also be required to inform the patient orally in writing before the abortion can be performed concerning the risks involved, information concerning the fetus, available assistance and existing law. Currently, Indiana law only requires the information be given orally.

"As a Right to Life advocate, I was pleased to support this legislation because a woman has the right to be fully informed about the facts and risks before making this life or death decision for themselves and unborn child," said Rep. Mahan.

The legislation also requires a pregnant woman seeking an abortion to view the fetal ultrasound imaging unless she states, in writing, that she does not want to view the fetal ultrasound imaging.

In addition, the bill would prohibit qualified health plans under the federal health care reform law from providing coverage for the abortion.

House Bill 1210 will now head to the Senate for further consideration.