[R31] Indiana Sheriffs' Association honored by Rep. Mahan (1/23/2013)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013 7:00 pm

Start Date:  1/23/2013  Start Time:  12:00 AM
End Date:  1/23/2013  End Time:  11:59 PM

STATEHOUSE – State Rep. Kevin Mahan (R-Hartford City) presented the Indiana Sheriffs’ Association (ISA) with a resolution on Wednesday to recognize their contributions to Indiana and protecting Hoosiers.

The ISA was established in 1930 to promote better communication and exchange between the sheriffs and other law enforcement personnel. They place an emphasis on providing education and training to department personnel.

The ISA is active in communities throughout the state by providing college scholarships and two annual leadership camps for teenage boys and girls each summer.

“For the past 83 years, the ISA has proven itself to be an asset to those in law enforcement and the citizens of Indiana,” said Rep. Mahan. “I appreciate the training they provide and the role they play in helping Indiana sheriffs and their personnel stay up-to-date on legislative issues.”

Among its many accomplishments, the ISA has been instrumental in coordinating the Indiana Sheriffs’ Sex Offender Registry, and, through its website, provides law enforcement officials and citizens with detailed information on sex offenders when they move into a new county.

“The ISA aims to ensure the highest level of integrity in our county sheriffs,” said Rep. Mahan. “They have a long history of serving the people of Indiana with distinguishment and honor.”