[R31] Grant Co. resident courageously fights cancer and is focused on graduating (4/15/2013)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Start Date: 4/15/2013 Start Time: 12:00 AM
End Date: 4/15/2013 End Time: 11:59 PM

STATEHOUSE – State Representative Kevin Mahan (R-Hartford City) coauthored House Resolution (HR) 90 recognizing Grant Co. resident Mindy Owens, a senior at the University of Indianapolis, for her perseverance to finish college on time despite battling cancer. She was presented with HR 90 on Monday before the Indiana House.

In 2009, Mindy was a freshman at the University of Indianapolis when she was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma. Refusing to let this derail her college career, Mindy persevered through her illness and is determined to finish her education on time. 

“Many people would have simply given up, but Mindy was not one of those people,” said Rep. Mahan. “She faced her diagnosis with courage and dignity, always maintaining a positive outlook on life.” 

While battling cancer, she has performed two opera recitals, along with many other school functions. She continually shows strength during her fight, performing one recital with a fractured rib and shoulder due to the disease. Last semester Mindy was sidelined from school for a period of time and nearly paralyzed due to a tumor on her spine. Standing tall after that battle she registered for extra credit hours this semester to graduate on time even while she takes oral chemotherapy daily. 

“It was never an option for me to give up and let this stop me,” said Owens. “My time at college was not always easy, but when was college supposed to be. I have enjoyed my time pursuing my passion and all the amazing experiences college has given me.”

Her most recent recital was on March 23, where she performed at the University of Indianapolis. Upon graduation Mindy plans to take her talents to the classroom, teaching music to children. 

“Mindy continually displays her amazing strength of character and bravery,” said Rep. Mahan. “I am inspired by Mindy’s story and honored to have her as part of our community.”


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