[r24] McClain Joins Members of Senate, House to Support Plan for HB1001, SJR 1 (3/6/2008)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Start Date: 3/6/2008 All Day
End Date: 3/6/2008

Senate and House Republicans joined together today to declare their agreement for a plan that gives Hoosiers immediate property tax relief and permanent property tax reform.

The agreement, announced at a joint gathering of the two General Assembly Republican caucuses, gives taxpayers statewide an immediate 30-percent cut in their homestead property taxes, and it phases in circuit-breakers over the next two years. It also endorses the permanent constitutional caps called for in Senate Joint Resolution 1.

"It is exciting to see so many members from both chambers in the General Assembly stand tall for Hoosier property-tax payers," said Rep. Rich McClain (R-Logansport). "With only one week left to enact permanent property tax reform, we are truly running up against the clock. The plan effectively cuts property taxes by 30 percent, and caps them permanently through a constitutional amendment. Furthermore, it gives great consideration to local governments by removing levies and services that depend on property tax. I am confident that with bipartisan support Hoosiers can see true relief move forward in just over a week's time."

House Bill 1001 began as Gov. Mitch Daniels' property tax reform plan, unveiled in early October 2007.

The House-Senate plan for HB 1001 is based on five main principles:

Help for Hoosier homeowners. The plan features $700 million in new, immediate relief, $1 billion removed from property tax levies, referenda that empower voters to control or allow spending and a constitutional guarantee of property tax caps.

Help for all Hoosier property-tax payers. Cut now and cap forever. The plan, in addition to immediate relief, forwards the process of permanent caps through a constitutional guarantee of property tax caps.

Help for local governments. The plan, at the county level, removes four child-welfare levies and the cost of juvenile incarceration from property taxes. At the municipal level, it removes the remaining pre-1977 police and fire pensions from property tax, and it includes support for police and fire services.

Help for Hoosier schools. The plan removes school operations, school pension bond costs and special education preschool costs from property taxes. It also includes $100 million in circuit-breaker relief and $400 million in tuition reserve fund money.

Help for low-income Hoosiers. The plan includes an overall decrease in taxes for low-income taxpayers, renters' deductions, deductions for low-income senior-citizen homeowners and earned income credits.

HB 1001 and Senate Joint Resolution 1, which would lead to permanent property tax caps being placed in the Indiana Constitution, are in conference committee, where differences between the House and Senate versions are being worked out. If both houses of the General Assembly agree to a final version of HB 1001, it would go to Gov. Daniels for his signature. If both Houses agree to a final version of SJR 1, it would be presented to the next General Assembly. If the same version passes that Legislature, it would be placed on the statewide ballot for all Hoosier voters. If they approve it, it would become part of the state Constitution.