[r20] Dermody Opposes Wasting Additional Taxpayer Dollars Without Bipartisan Immediate Property Tax Relief Plan (7/12/2007)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Start Date: 7/12/2007 All Day
End Date: 7/12/2007

(Statehouse) July 12, 2007 - According to State Representative Tom Dermody (LaPorte), a special session of the General Assembly should not be held unless a bi-partisan plan that provides immediate property tax relief is agreed upon. Rep. Dermody, concerned with the property tax problem, feels that a special session without a plan, would result in wasting taxpayer dollars and that the time for finger pointing is over.

"The General Assembly has seen this crisis coming for years. Even as a freshman, I knew this issue had been looming for years, but I was shocked to find that everyone keeps punting it," stated Rep. Dermody. "Unless a bipartisan solution requiring legislative consent is forged for immediate tax relief, there is no need to have a costly special session. Every day the legislature is in session it costs Hoosiers tens of thousands of dollars," Dermody said.

"Some actions to provide immediate relief for taxpayers can, and should, be taken administratively. It is time to stop the blame game between state and local government; the time for action is now. We need to put politics aside and find a bi-partisan solution. I want to work with other leaders to fix this problem that has been brewing for years."

"It is increasingly apparent that our tax system, created in the 1800's, needs to be modernized and brought into the 21st century. Experts - not politicians - need to be brought together this summer to study various options for Indiana property taxes and to work on a long-term solution that the General Assembly can vote on as soon as we reconvene in January," said Dermody.