Morrison: Bill protecting Hoosier families and their pets passes Senate

Posted by: Jessica Baker  | Tuesday, February 18, 2014

STATEHOUSE – A bill to protect pets and Hoosier families unanimously passed the Indiana Senate and will now go to the governor’s desk to be signed into law. State Representative Alan Morrison (R-Terre Haute) authored House Bill (HB) 1013 which will require veterinarian medical records to be released within five business days in situations when one pet attacks another pet or human.

“Currently, there is no provision that requires veterinarian records to be released when one pet attacks another pet or human,” said Rep. Morrison. “Some veterinarians were hesitant to release those documents without the necessary requirement in place. This situation happened to one of my constituents, Jill Shuey, who was unable to obtain the veterinarian records when her dog was attacked by another dog. I authored House Bill 1013 to eliminate any confusion and ensure that in circumstances like Jill’s, those records are released and done so in a timely manner.”

HB 1013 provides that in certain circumstances an animal's veterinary medical records must be released within five business days. These circumstances include, but are not limited to, part of a request from a regulatory or health authority, physician or veterinarian to verify a rabies vaccination of an animal or investigate a threat to human or animal health.

“It can be concerning when someone or their pet is injured by another animal, and they have no way of knowing what potential diseases, if at all, were contracted during the attack,” said Rep. Morrison. “By ensuring the timely release of those veterinarian records, it will be easier for Hoosiers to access that information in order to determine what, if any, medical attention is necessary to ensure that proper treatment takes place.”

Under current law, there is not an established timeframe in which veterinarian medical service providers must furnish this information.

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