Mahanís legislation implementing Sepsis Guideline Task Force now law

Mahanís legislation implementing Sepsis Guideline Task Force now law

Posted by: Lydia Kirschner  | Monday, June 3, 2019 10:48 am

STATEHOUSE (June 3, 2019) – State Rep. Kevin Mahan’s (R-Hartford City) legislation establishing the Sepsis Treatment Guideline Task Force was ceremonially signed into law Wednesday by Gov. Eric Holcomb at the Statehouse.

Sepsis is a serious condition resulting from a harmful infection that spreads to the bloodstream or important tissues. Without timely treatment, sepsis can cause tissue damage, organ failure and death.

The new law creates the Sepsis Treatment Guideline Task Force to develop best practices and provide guideline recommendations to the Indiana State Department of Health. The ISDH will ensure the guidelines are adopted and implemented throughout the state by medical staff in schools, hospitals, long-term and home health care facilities as well as for office doctors and emergency medical technicians.

“Sepsis is known as a silent killer because it often goes unnoticed or undiagnosed before it becomes deadly,” Mahan said. “This new law will help train professionals in the health care industry to use guidelines to more efficiently identify sepsis, severe sepsis and septic shock.”

Sepsis can be caused by an infection such as strep throat or pneumonia. The disease can cause flu-like symptoms including a high heart rate, fever, shivering, confusion, shortness of breath, extreme pain and clammy skin. Each year, nearly 3,500 Hoosiers die in hospitals from sepsis, according to the Indiana Hospital Association.

Mahan authored this legislation after the O’Hern family from Montpelier shared the story of how they lost their infant to sepsis. Josslyn Gee had a fever but seemed otherwise fine to her family members before she passed. The family was present to watch the ceremonial bill signing.

“Taking these steps will help save Hoosier lives throughout the state thanks to the O’Hern family’s work and Josslyn’s legacy, which brought this critical issue to the forefront.”

This new law takes effect July 1, 2019.


State Rep. Kevin Mahan (R-Hartford City) represents House District 31,

which includes all of Blackford County and portions of Delaware,

Grant and Wells counties.


PHOTO CAPTION:  Gov. Eric Holcomb (seated, center) ceremonially signs State Rep. Kevin Mahan’s (R-Hartford City) (seated, left) bill into law establishing the Sepsis Treatment Guideline Task Force Wednesday, May 29, 2019, at the Statehouse in Indianapolis. The O’Hern and Galbo families, who lost a child to sepsis and now work to raise awareness of the condition, were present to watch the bill signing.