Frye: Fly our Red, White and Blue

Posted by: Randy Spieth  | Thursday, July 2, 2020

Our American flag is more than a symbol for our country. It signifies the blood, sweat and tears so many have put into our nation's birth and growth. Independence Day is a time to celebrate where the United States of America is now and where it has come from. This summer holiday is an opportunity for Americans to come together as a country to honor our nation's independence and fly the Red, White and Blue.

Remember this weekend the men and women of our brave United States Armed Forces ­­who protected our liberties and nation for nearly 250 years. Each one of these dedicated heroes played, and continues to play, a critical role in protecting our freedoms and defending them, and we would not be celebrating our nation's independence without them.  Deeply rooted in in our country's foundation are freedoms to pursue happiness, speak freely and carry arms, which makes our land a special place, with our service members leading the way to protect these cherished freedoms.

While the last few months have been trying for many, most are eagerly ready to celebrate America's birthday. Hoosiers have done an excellent job in defending themselves and protecting their neighbors from this unprecedented virus, but our work is not done and we must still take precautions. I encourage Hoosiers to continue following state health officials' advice about social distancing and wearing a mask to slow the spread. These efforts will show we can come together as a country to defeat any kind of obstacle we face. Everyone can do their part  to help keep people healthy and safe.

Before the backyard barbecues and fireworks, I encourage everyone to reflect on our country's accomplishments and pray for our nation as we continue working together to make this the best place on Earth. Like we have in years past, we can fly our flags proudly to honor our nation's birth this Independence Day. Let's wave the Red, White and Blue, and have a fun and safe holiday celebrating the birth of our nation.


State Rep. Randy Frye (R-Greensburg) represents House District 67, which includes
all of Ohio and Switzerland counties, as well as portions of Dearborn,
Decatur, Jefferson, Jennings and Ripley counties.

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