Ellington works to help community corrections programs

Ellington works to help community corrections programs

Posted by: Brenda Holmes  | Tuesday, February 19, 2019

STATEHOUSE (Feb. 19, 2019) – The House of Representatives unanimously voted in support of State Rep. Jeff Ellington’s (R-Bloomington) proposal to help local community corrections programs pay for much-needed equipment.

According to Ellington, local governments have access to established cumulative capital improvement funds, or CCI, which can only be used to purchase items like property or constructing new buildings. Ellington said his bill would open up this fund for community corrections programs for purchasing, leasing or paying all or part of the cost of electronic monitoring equipment. This could include ankle bracelets or portable breathalyzers for alcohol testing to help keep low-level offenders out of jails.

“In Monroe County, the monitoring program cost the county $55,000 back when it was first implemented,” Ellington said. “With the increase of felony referrals and rising price of equipment, the county’s portion of the program costs has risen to $136,000 in recent years. This bill would help all local governments to access existing funds to operate these programs.”

Ellington said this measure would help with jail overcrowding and allow offenders to continue to work while being monitored.

House Bill 1125 now moves to the Senate for consideration. Visit iga.in.gov to learn more about the legislation.


State Rep. Jeff Ellington (R-Bloomington) represents House District 62, which includes

portions of Greene, Monroe, Martin and Daviess counties.

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PHOTO CAPTION: State Rep. Jeff Ellington (R-Bloomington) presents his legislation to help local community corrections programs pay for much-needed equipment Monday, Feb. 18, 2019, in the House Chamber. House Bill 1125 passed unanimously out of the House and can now be considered by the Senate.