Cherry: Supporting early graduates, schools

Posted by: Lydia Kirshner  | Friday, January 15, 2021 1:00 pm

Graduating high school early offers many benefits, whether getting a jump start on higher education or a career. Hundreds of Hoosier students take advantage of this opportunity each year. This session, I am authoring legislation to ensure Indiana schools are not negatively impacted when students put in the work to graduate ahead of schedule.

Although students can benefit from graduating early, schools can face a disadvantage as it decreases their average daily membership, or ADM. The ADM is a count based on total student enrollment. This count is performed twice a year, in September and February, and the numbers can impact basic grant funding, state tuition support and the Public Corporation Transfer Report.

If a student graduates early, they are only counted in one report for the year. This decreases the schools ADM, meaning these schools can lose out on important state tuition support.

I am authoring House Bill 1186  to allow early graduates to be counted in the February ADM count, as long as the student was present in the September count and completed their graduation requirements. Graduating in less than four years is a great accomplishment for students and positive reflection of the schools that played a significant role in helping them successfully earn their diploma ahead of schedule. A school should not be penalized for their students' accomplishments.

High school students who aspire to graduate early are showcasing their great work ethic and setting themselves up for success. As these students meet their goals, we need to ensure their schools are not negatively impacted and lose out on much-needed funding. To learn more about House Bill 1186 and other legislation, visit For questions or input, please call 317-232-9651 or email


State Rep. Bob Cherry (R-Greenfield) represents House District 53,

which includes portions of Hancock and Madison counties.

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