Cherry: Indiana is the best in the Midwest

Posted by: Samantha Holifield  | Tuesday, May 31, 2016 10:50 am

Indiana is the best in the Midwest

Hoosiers have a lot of traditions. Whether it’s eating pork tenderloin sandwiches the size of your head, producing food for the nation with our great farmlands or growing closer together with our strong family values, Indiana has a lot to be proud of. These traditions, along with many others, are the reason over 6 million people call the Hoosier state home. Our tradition for working hard and striving to be one of the best states in the Midwest is unparalleled. And, it’s getting noticed far and wide, more and more.

Indiana is one of the most business-friendly states in the country. The business magazine Chief Executive recently ranked Indiana first in the Midwest and in the top five nationally for best business climate. It seems every week a company announces it’s expanding or starting operations somewhere in Indiana. More jobs opportunities are available to Hoosiers, and our unemployment rate continues to remain below the national rate.

Hoosiers are also known for being fiscally responsible. For the past several years, House Republicans have continued to pass honestly balanced budgets. It’s one of our core priorities as lawmakers. This hard work has made Indiana the fiscal envy of the nation. We have one of the lowest per capita tax-supported debt loads in the nation. Hoosier employers and employees reap the benefits of our AAA credit score. Businesses and investors take careful notice of those ratings; they know and trust our commitment to living within our means as a state.

Late last year, it was announced that Indiana was taking steps to pay off its federal unemployment loan early. By paying this loan off—ahead of schedule—Hoosier businesses are able to save $327 million ($126 per employee) in 2016 taxes. This means employers can now use the money to hire new employees, grow existing companies, raise wages or buy new equipment. I am pleased to say that we recently made the final payment on this loan; there is no longer an onerous tax on every employee and every new hire. 

With our low unemployment rates and great business climate, it’s no wonder that Indiana is one of the best states to do business. As the vice chair of the House Committee on Ways and Means, I will support sound fiscal policies that keep Indiana moving in the right direction. I want to thank Senator Michael Crider and the Indiana State Senate for their hard work as well. Their collaboration helped make these policies possible.  

I am proud to live in a state where our traditions have defined us as one of the best. As your state representative, I am always available to listen to your thoughts. You may contact me at 317-232-9651 or at Together we will continue to make Indiana the envy of the Midwest and the nation. 


State Rep. Bob Cherry (R-Greenfield) represents portions of Hancock and Madison counties.

A high-resolution photo of Cherry can be downloaded by clicking here.