Bacon: Be safe. Think. Don't drink and drive.

Posted by: Hannah Carlock  | Friday, May 26, 2017 12:35 pm

I recently had the privilege to visit some of our local high schools to educate students on the importance of not drinking. I was joined by other community officials and Charles Brown, the father of Logan Brown who died in a crash involving a drunken driver. There were three topics covered including alcohol safety, not getting behind the wheel while intoxicated and Indiana’s alcohol laws.

Charles shared his son’s story with the students to paint a picture on how drunken driving can not only effect other people, but an entire community. In 2015, Logan and two other friends were traveling on University Parkway on Evansville’s west side when a drunken driver, traveling the wrong way, hit their vehicle head on. The drunken driver had four times the legal limit of alcohol in his body at the time of the crash. Logan was pronounced dead at the scene, leaving behind his family, friends, football and baseball teams and Reitz High School.

Years ago, my first duty as the Warrick County coroner was responding to the scene of a fatal drunken-driving accident. However, driving drunk is not the only way alcohol can take a person’s life. According to the Indiana State Department of Health, more than two dozen Hoosiers under the age of 21 have lost their lives due to alcohol poisoning since 2004.

Alcohol poisoning is caused by drinking too much alcohol over a short period of time. The symptoms of alcohol poisoning include irregular breathing, unresponsiveness, pale and bluish-tinged skin, low body temperature and vomiting. If these symptoms are left untreated for a substantial amount of time it can lead to death.

A person with alcohol poisoning needs immediate medical attention. For individuals under the age of 21, Indiana has a Lifeline Law giving them immunity if they stay with the person at risk, cooperate with the authorities and help during the life-threatening circumstance.

The priority in an emergency situation is to not get a minor in trouble for consuming alcohol, but to get the person with alcohol poisoning professional medical attention. I believe every person under the age of 21 should be made aware of this crucial law in order to potentially save a life.

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State Rep. Ron Bacon (R-Chandler) represents House District 75,
which includes portions of Warrick, Pike and Spencer counties.

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