House Republicans Release Amendment to the Budget Bill

The House Republicans released their amendment to the budget bill which includes three main priorities: protecting Hoosier taxpayers, increasing our investment in education and funding strategic priorities like public safety (click here to view a PPT presentation about the budget). With education the focus, the House Republicans remain committed to fixing the school funding formula to benefit Hoosier students.

View the amendment to the budget View the school formula simulation

SEA 101 Questions & Answers

In order to help sort through the details of Senate Enrolled Act 101, read this list of frequently asked questions on the topic of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. 

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Law Professor Tells Indy Star why Indiana needs Religious Freedom

Click this link to read an article about the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, recently featured in the Indianapolis Star.

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16 Law Professors urge Indiana Legislature to pass RFRA

Read a letter written by 16 law professors from across the country about the need and legality of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

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Focused on Education

Indiana House Republicans are focused on investing in the future of Indiana by dedicating over 50% of the state budget to education.

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Focused on Teachers

House Republicans are focused on empowering teachers across Indiana with a new tax credit, training and further emphasis on STEM education.

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Focused on Students

Indiana House Republicans are dedicated to creating opportunities for success for students through new legislation to create scholarships, earn diplomas and increase special education grants. 

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Addressing Indiana's Infant Mortality Rate

HB 1004 The Safety P.I.N. (Protecting Indiana's Newborns) Grant Program incentivizes organizations to develop innovative plans that reduce Indiana's Infant Mortality Rate. 

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Indiana House Republicans: Working for All Hoosiers

Indiana House Republicans have a strong history of working for Hoosiers by providing the largest state tax cut in Indiana history, creating jobs and passing property tax relief legislation.

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Legislative Ethics Seminar 2015

The House of Representatives and Senate held a joint, voluntary ethics training session on Wednesday, January 14, 2015, in the House Chamber. Peggy Kerns, Director of the Center for Ethics in Government at the National Conference of State Legislatures was the presenter.

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